A card game to explore collective practices and free technologies


The Third Technoscape constitutes and is constituted of Singular technologies, like a stitching it binds different situations, each unveils the modes of existence of Singular Technologies within specific peer practices. The realization of the existence out from the market and into practice lead us to reclaiming their condition of existence.

A View of the cards

This research started in 2018 and was introduced in the Journal of Peer Production issue #11 City. we propose the concept of Third-TechnoScape to designate places of technological production abandoned by the industry and institutions to civil society. Such spaces, neglected by the mainstream, show more natural resources in terms of bio- and noo-diversity than architectured spaces colonized by pre-emptive thought – essentialist and hylemorphic.

On the occasion of the TransHackMeeting, in August 2018 in Tarnac, we gathered with the intention to crossthink the organisation of our third technoscape, its structural difference, its capacity for change. On this occasion we created a reader exploring lesser known concepts stemming from radical feminism and philosophy of technique.
This reader assembles book excerpts from authors that we think can help understanding our current situation and bring up alternative thought susceptible to transform our relation to technologies and ourselves in ways that support life and defend common values of autonomy and subsidiarity, solidarity with and respect of self, others, and living nature.

In Summer 2019, we created a card game to help people explore their relation to digital technologies and think about their collective practices. The game comes in the form of question cards and tactics cards. By combining a question, a real world example related to this question, and a tactics card, the group can question its practices through a constraining prism that forces creative reflection.

Each tactics card is attached to a concept that can be used to deepen understanding of the Third TechnoScape. The game is released under the terms of the Free Art License, which makes it a perfect starting point for further evolution and appropriation by interested collectives. You can download the latest version for printing:

Following the release of this game, we're in the process of redesigning this companion website.
We work primarily on our Discourse.